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Embark on a journey of growth and exploration with our diverse training resources, including both internal and external options such as LinkedIn Learning and Coursera.
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Embark on a fulfilling journey with our training internship program. With an exceptional chance for students and recent graduates to immerse themselves in the professional environment, working side-by-side with seasoned experts, acquiring practical skills, and gaining real-world experience in your chosen field today.

Rowad alfanar

Our program is dedicated to attracting and qualifying fresh graduate engineers in Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial engineering fields. Our focus is on building a reservoir of high-caliber talent who are ready to step into and excel in future roles within the alfanar organization.

Training Platform

In our commitment to fostering continuous growth and development, we offer an extensive array of internal training programs, not only to refine our team members' skills but also to keep them abreast of evolving industry trends. Our dedicated training dashboard serves as a central hub, offering easy access to a wealth of training materials. It's a seamless way for employees to engage with learning resources and monitor their developmental journey.

External Resources

To complement our internal training programs, we provide our employees access to a wealth of external training resources. Platforms such as LinkedIn Learning, CFI, and Coursera are at your disposal, offering extensive courses and certifications across diverse fields. These resources are an excellent way to broaden your knowledge base and skill set, going beyond the scope of our in-house training. Embrace these opportunities with our support and propel yourself to the forefront of your field, achieving your career goals with confidence and expertise.


We designed the Saudi Talent Empowerment program to equip new Saudi joiners with essential skills and knowledge for professional development, encompassing personal capability to enhance individual skills such as leadership and problem-solving, technical capability for role-specific training and up-to-date industry knowledge, and organizational capability to cultivate an understanding of the company’s culture and goals.

Professional Management Academy (PMA)

Understanding the critical role that our high-potential employees and managers play in our organization, we emphasize the importance of their continuous professional development. This is where our PMA comes with a designed training program to uplift leadership capabilities and equip participants with the necessary skills to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic business landscape, preparing our leaders to excel in the face of contemporary business challenges.

Our Products

We are passionate about creating innovative e-learning and e-content training products to enhance our employees' learning experience. Our team, comprised of skilled experts, is dedicated to developing training programs that are engaging, interactive, and tailored to meet the varied needs of our diverse workforce.
From comprehensive onboarding processes to advanced leadership development modules, our e-learning and e-content solutions span a broad spectrum of topics, accessible from any device, allowing them to engage with our training material on any platform and enhancing convenience and flexibility in learning.

Internal Apps

We are committed to providing our teams with the tools they need to work efficiently and effectively. To support this, we've developed a suite of internal applications specifically tailored to our department and designed to streamline workflows and foster better collaboration among team members.